Ultra-Violet Cured-In-Place-Pipe Liner

The ALPHALINER™ GFRP composite materials are ideal for the trenchless rehabilitation of industrial, storm, and sanitary sewer pipes. Because the ALPHALINER™ is assembled using a patented spiral wrapping technology, the liners can be adjusted to the individual requirements of all conventional pipe shapes, such as; circular, egg, elliptical, pipe-arch, square, and rectangular. These latter two shapes are possible because of the high flexural strength of the GFRP composite liner.

The patented spiral wrapping technology employed in the ALPHALINER™ is unique to Reline America's™ CIPP system. Compared to conventionally manufactured pipe liners (both felt fiber and other glass fiber mat hybrid materials), the finished ALPHALINER™ produces a seamless liner that offers special advantages to both the installers and the end users of our product:

- Even wall construction and constant wall thickness around the circumference of the liner equating to uniform structural performance in the liner (i.e. no stress risers created by the tube's construction details)
- Assured glass fiber placement in the structural matrix (i.e., no concern regarding the installer's ability in maintaining the needed minimum overlap of the fiber bearing layers to assure there isn't an unknown precipitous drop in strength)
- Constant and predictable stretch behavior in both the circumferential and longitudinal directions

These GFRP CIPP liners are capable of supporting extreme loads at relatively lower wall thicknesses than conventional synthetic fiber (felt) CIPP systems. The ALPHALINER™ tube is manufactured in two strength designations; the ALPHALINER™ 500 and the ALPHALINER™ 1500. These two glass reinforcement ratios are necessary to accommodate the full size range of the ALPHALINER System, which is 6 inches through 54 inches. ALPHALINER™ can be produced in continuous installation lengths exceeding 1,000 feet.

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