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The mystery of Ultra-Violet Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) SOLVED

If other ways have been working so well in the past, why does our city need to look at making a change now? Short answer is - you don't. There are many reason why you may not want to use those methods anymore (we will address those directly later).

Today though, we are going to highlight a few reasons where Ultra-Violet is superior and for some situations - the only solution.

1) Consistency - Ultra-Violet liner has the luxury of being able to be produced in a manufacturing plant instead of right beside the manhole. The ISO 9001:2008 regulations make sure that the liner is the same construction and consistency each and every time.

2) Strength - Ultra-Violet CIPP is at least three times stronger than any other CIPP solution on the market. It also retains the strength much longer as well. The stated life of this liner in a pipe is 50 - 80 years. It is so strong that if the host pipe is 100% deteriorated, the liner would still be a viable pipe. You also don't need the liner to be as thick for the same strength as the next viable option which allows your damaged pipe more conductivity.

3) Convenience - UV takes no refrigeration so your liner can be stored for 6 months if necessary. Installers can keep supply on hand to help with emergency services for those municipalities that might need it. No refrigeration also means that the process can be completed with 2 trucks (or less). As long as there are 2 direct points of access, this process can be done.

4) Vision - The ability to see the liner that has been pulled in place BEFORE it is cured is one of the most important aspects. The light train used to do the curing also shoots video forward and backward as it is being pulled into place to ensure a proper fit. If there is a problem, the liner is simply deflated and then reinflated to blow out any possible errors.

5) Pollution - A large drawback for CIPP is the release of styrene into the air (that most citizens seems to hate) or the groundwater. UV CIPP has all of this chemical encapsulated and locked into place during the Ultra-Violet curing process. The citizens smell nothing, the groundwater stays the same, and the liner retains all of the strength (the reason the styrene is there in the first place.

6) Cost Effective - I know it doesn't seem possible with all the great qualities of Ultra-Violet CIPP, but this technology can actually be less expensive that the other CIPP solutions. This liner can save money because it can be folded to fit into a smaller manhole and pulled into place. Cutting the cones off of the manholes makes the other solutions expensive. Also, remember, because of the strength, less materials need to be used. We will go into this in much greater depth in a future post.

If UV sounds like it could be a solution for some problems you are facing in your neck of the woods, feel free to give the guys at Blue Nile Contractors a call to find out how this can work for you.

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