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Are your Sewers Happy?

How do you know if your sewers are happy? There are several ways to tell the temperment of your cities lines.

A happy sewer line doesn't have an overpowering, pungent odor. It's never gonna smell like roses, but a line that is running smoothly will take the waste directly to your local treatment plant without allowing it to fester.

A happy sewer line does not allow in fresh water from the elements. Roots poking through the line, for example, allows rain water soaking into the soil to get into the sewer lines. To those who aren't aware it sounds like it would make the sewage more watered down, less toxic - and therefore, better. What is not realized is that the treatment centers cost money to run based on gallons treated. Less gallons = city savings. A great way to stop intrusion is by lining the old pipe with a cured in place solution. It will seal all of the holes of an old pipe especially if an Ultra-Violet curing process is the technique chosen.

If you need to turn your sewers frown upside-down, let the guys at Blue Nile come and do an analysis of your system today.

Smiling Manhole Cover

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